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 "Following on from 2021’s Go With the Flow, the fifth album from David Bradley Lauretti’s This Frontier Needs Heroes, this spring sees the project return with a new song series titled Every Song is a Single. The first taste of this new material comes with the ironically titled ‘Not Gonna Write a Song’, a wry take on a break-up number which sees Lauretti break his own promise in real-time. A song about resisting the urge to write. But despite this playful humour, the sound itself commits to a subdued warmth. Earnest and reflective, caught between looking back and moving on. Lauretti is gonna continue to write songs, and the world is all the better for it." -Various Small Flames 

"South Dakota" is a finalist in the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (Merlefest) and was included on Spotify's "Indigo" "Cosmic Country" and "Emerging Americana!" included on Songpickr, Indie and Folk Radio, Rolling Stone France, The Alternate Route,, OneChord, That Eric Alper, VNYL, Ear to the Ground, "New Nashville," and!

This Frontier Needs Heroes brings a Nashville flair to the Northeast, yet retains a rugged folksy charm in line with The Basement Tapes and John Prine.”

Glide Magazine

This Frontier Needs Heroes’ song of longing for that heart’s ship that passed in the night. Lauretti’s songwriting instincts immediately draw you in to an all-too-familiar emotional space of yearning.”

Americana Highways

Going with the flow is easier said than done, especially these days. How does one go with the proverbial “flow” when the flow seems more like a white rapids current in 2021? Well, a good start is to pick up the tenderly rambling tumbleweed of an album that is This Frontier Needs Heroes’ Go With the Flow. For David Bradley Lauretti, the sole songwriter behind the band’s alt-country vision, “going with the flow” means embracing the unknown, getting comfortable with discomfort. This means letting go and admitting emotional fragility as he does on “Weak;” or, acquiescing to the nostalgia of old stomping grounds on “Don’t Hate Your Hometown.” A clear standout track is Lauretti’s titular ode to the late poet/songwriter/auteur Leonard Cohen, which emulates the great songwriter’s lilting storytelling and barren acoustic guitar plucking. Go With the Flow is a perfect album for fans of the emerging new wave of outlaw-esque country and Americana-praising indie folk currently erupting; or, any fan of classic ’60s and ’70s songwriters like Cohen, Young or Nelson.”


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